Concert Music

Fantasia on Red River Valley, for brass octet (2012)
This piece came from a discussion with my girlfriend about early encounters with music: hers was sheet music included as an illustration in a book, which just so happened to be the Old Western folk tune, “Red River Valley”. After deciding to construct a piece using the theme, I wound up writing a “reverse theme and variations,” in which the piece begins with small motives from the theme and the actual climax of the piece is the theme itself in chorale form.

A Surrealist’s Day at the Carnival, suite for 2 marimbas and 2 guitars (2011)
I. The Spinning Teacups Leave Their Saucers
II. “You Can’t Ride the Ferris Wheel, It’s Covered in Snow”
III. The Carousel Horses Spring to Life
IV. Roller Coaster to the Center of the Sun

In the Margins of Darkness, for bass voice and piano (2011)
This piece is a song cycle with text from Mark Z. Danielewski’s novel “House of Leaves”, which is at once a love story, mystery, horror story, and many other genres spanning several different styles and postmodern, varied placement of text on the page. The first three movements’ text is sourced from poetry of a blind man in the appendices of the novel, and the fourth is a mother’s letter to her son written from an insane asylum.
I. (Untitled Fragment) #3
II. You Shall Be My Roots
III. (Untitled Fragment) #1
IV. January 11, 1988

Caves of Ice, for percussion ensemble (2010)
This piece was a huge revamp of the third movement of my “Xanadu Suite” from high school, and helped get me into the USC Thornton School of Music! The mp3 provided is computer played-back, but a real-life recording should be coming in the future.