If there’s one thing I love it’s making music with good friends, especially ones I have so much musical love and respect for. Collaborations and such are on this page!

Nothing Says I Love You Like a Minor 4 Chord (2010)
A mock-up pop song with auto-tuned lyrics taken from Sam Jones’s poem “Love Guppy”. This was made for the Play This in Audiosurf EP, a three-track selection of songs by myself, Kevin Green, and Kyle VanderWerf intended for entertaining play in the PC game AudioSurf. You can check out all three tracks here.

With Kevin Green (of Kevin-esque)
Tropic of Shenanigans (SNES Mix) (2009)
Constructed only with an SNES soundfont, this piece will leave you wondering just where the hell the normal version is.
Menace Rising (2009)
An eclectic boss battle type thing.
The Dragon’s Deathmatch Arena (2009)
Careful, he might frag you while you’re rocking out to this heavy rock jam.
PiƱa Colada (2009)
It’s what you’ll be drinking during this song. Also, this is the only one of these six tracks for which I provided the basic idea rather than Kevin!
Banjie’s Backyard (2009)
Spastic upbeat awesomeness. Sadly I only contributed an ending to this one!
The Black Orb’s Floating Fortress (2009)
This is possibly the most menacing, bombastic march ever. I had a lot of fun with this one.