Video Game Music: Electronic

Most of the pieces here were early attempts at making electronic music, largely influenced by video game tracks as well.

Entranced (2009)
I swear this wasn’t inspired by Pachelbel’s Canon. Honest. Upbeat trance track!

Lemons (Sami’s Song) (2008)
This was written for a dear friend of mine, Sami Shurbaji. It’s a melancholy, laid-back synthy piece with a piano interlude.

Hydrothermal Heatvision Suite (2008)
A nine-and-a-half minute suite of ambient, jazz, and techno. Definitely one of my favorites.

Will’s Theme (2007)
A reworking of a really old 2004 track I made for a friend, Will Diebold. It remains, after all these years, impossibly difficult to describe.

Trip to Mars (2007)
Spacey atmosphere and Gustav Holst combine into one! Three segments: Takeoff, voyage, and landing.

Molten Steel (2007)
Generic ‘epic’ level of a video game.

No Turning Back (2007)
Another ‘epic’ video game level.

Final Struggle (2007)
I bet you know where I’m going with this.

Final Struggle (SNES Mix) (2007)
Let’s apply an SNES soundfont to the same song! Theme Song (2006)
A techno track written for a website’s ‘theme song’ competition. Sadly the website is now defunct. (PS: Find the Zelda!)

RvG Theme (2006)
I was asked to provide theme music for a Metroid Prime Hunters machinima that never happened. This was the result, an original piece rife with Metroid song references.

Heat of Battle (2006)
An attempt at a techno battle-type song.