Video Game Music: Orchestral-Based

Most of the music on this page is music I wrote at an earlier time before I was writing serious concert music, and the majority sounds very video-game based! This stuff varies in detail and quality, but still represents a lot of early output, and, as I still aim to write music for video games, seems applicable.

Xanadu Suite (2008)
An English project required us to artistically represent some imagery of Samuel Taylor Coleridge’s poem “Kubla Khan”

November (2008)
A somber piece representing the month of November, which tends to constantly hold significance to me.

Flotation Device (2008)
Really groovy track in asymmetrical meter. Uses a lot of percussion.

Zack’s Theme: Culture Shock (2008)
One of my best friends, Zack James, asked me for years to write him a song containing “Asian music, rock, and Scottish music”. This is what I finally produced for him.

Guacamole (Four Chord Jam #1) (2008)
Some kind of take on Latin jazz.

Shopkeeper Jam (2008)
This is what the shopkeeper in your video game dances to while you’re not in his store.

Baile del Diablo (2008)
Spanish for “Dance of the Devil”. Not really a dance, actually a really cool rhythmic orchestral piece.

Valse Hantée (2008)
French for “Haunted Waltz”. A spooky, demented little waltz. Don’t listen too much, you might start hearing it in the dark corners of your house.

Jazztacular (2008)
Pretty basic but fun track based on a jazz vamp.

Day’s Work Complete (2008)
Just a quick little video game jingle when your character goes to sleep for the night.

The Snake Charmer (2008)
The closest thing to watching that guy play a horn and summon a snake up out of a basket on this hemisphere!

The Price of War: A Chorale for the Lost and Living (2008)
I think I wrote this when I was depressed once or something. It’s haunting and beautiful.

Proctor’s Lament (2007)
I did this for an English project based on Arthur Miller’s The Crucible. Filled with quotes from the movie version, it’s intended to convey the strife of John Proctor and the melancholy mood of the play.

The Epic Journey (2007)
As close as you can get to an adventure without stepping outside your door carrying a battle axe.

The Sewers (2007)
Sort of an effect piece rather than a melodic one, so I think the title describes it well.

Greg’s Theme: Victory! (2007)
If there’s one man who can achieve victory, it’s Greg Wykoff, and this sixteen-second victory fanfare will undoubedly play when he does so.

Progress (2007)
Never the same twice! This song changes pace approximately umpteen times.

Lament & Rejoice (2006)
There are two sections. One is about lamenting and the other about rejoicing. On a side note, after all these years it’s still one of my personal favorites.

Nautical Nonsense (2006)
Damn it feels good to be a pirate.

Diary of a Mad Scientist (2006)
What, haven’t you ever read a mad scientist’s personal journal?

Hannah’s Theme: Changes (2006)
I wrote this piece for the wonderful Hannah Johnson. She still liked me after she heard it, so I guess it can’t have been too bad.

Bethany’s Theme (2005)
A fun little piece for the esteemed Bethany Good. The second part even changes time signatures repeatedly (holy crap).

Ending Sequence (2005)
The partner piece for Opening Sequence. Let’s watch the credits roll!

Opening Sequence (2005)
Definitely the opener to a movie or game.

Scaredycat Suite (2005)
You’ll be running and hiding after you hear these three spooky tunes. The first is an original, the second is “In the Hall of the Mountain King” from Peer Gynt, and the third is “Gruntilda’s Lair” from Banjo-Kazooie.

Voyage (2005)
A short little adventuresome piece.

From the Air to the Tropical Beach (2005)
Kick back and relax while this song takes you away from the real world for a few minutes.

Andrew’s Theme: ‘Cause I’m Jackie (2005)
I have shared more laughs in the music world with Andrew Brady than anyone else. One day he’s going to be the best bassoonist in all the land. This jazz piece was for him.

The Victorious Heroes (2005)
Yep, they’re back fresh from their battle or something.

Warship Theme (2005)
My friends commandeered me to write some music for a movie they were making. Unsurprisingly it was never made, but this track remains!

Soaring Through the Sky (2005)
Listen to this one on an airplane for extra irony points!

Tropical Flute Paradise II (2005)
What? I asked for a piña colada, not an ocarina!

Damian’s Theme: Adventure (2005)
I love adventures, don’t you?

Peaceful Village (2005)
I want this to play when I walk into a small rustic village somewhere.