Video Game Music: Remixes & Arrangements

These are remixes or arrangements of existing tracks in video games.

Time is but a Neverending Hallway (2008)
Orchestral remix of the haunting, droning Dark Cloud track “The Gallery of Time”.

Super LSD Bros. Brawl (Four Chord Jam #2) (2008)
When Kyle VanderWerf gave me the most ridiculous chord progression ever to write a song with, I don’t think he expected me to both a) use it and b) apply gratuitous Super Smash Bros. Brawl sound effects to it.

Legend of the Seven Stars (2008)
13 minute medley of tons of music from Super Mario RPG.

Linebuilder (2008)
Orchestral Tetris music medley. Can you see the Tetris blocks moving in your head yet?

Zelda Theme (2005)
Not really much to say about this one.

Touhou Spinoff SRPG Soundtrack

I was asked a while back to contribute orchestral remixes of Touhou music for an SRPG being made by a friend of a friend. I lacked the time to finish the project back then, but what I have done is excellent.

Overworld (The Gensokyo The Gods Loved) (2009)
Battle 2 (Extend Ash / Demystify Feast) (2009)
Story Battle (Skies Beyond the Clouds / Demystify Feast) (2009)
Peaceful Town (Dream of a Spring Breeze) (2009)
Battle 1 (Spring Lane – Colorful Path / Oriental Dark Flight) (2009)